We are currently providing evaluations in the following areas:

Academics - a comprehensive evaluation tailored to evaluate the areas that you feel you, or your loved one, are struggling in. This may include IQ, subject area, and dyslexia testing.

Learning Disabilities - a comprehensive evaluation including intelligence, academic and dyslexia testing focusing on the IDEA and Section 504 guidelines regarding diagnosis.

Autism Spectrum Disorder - a comprehensive evaluation to assess the presence of Autism Spectrum Disorder and severity. This can include cognitive, behavioral, trauma, social, sensory, IQ, educational and emotional assessments.

ADHD - a comprehensive cognitive, behavioral, intellectual and achievement level evaluation to determine the presence and severity of ADHD (hyperactive, inattentive or combination.)

Mental health - a comprehensive evaluation consisting of cognitive, behavioral, social, trauma, somatic, dissociation and emotional health screenings for PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Personality assessment inventories are also available.

What makes us different than other psychological evaluations?

  • Expert Evaluators - former teachers, experienced counselors/coaches with extensive training in evaluation and diagnosis

  • Personalized approach - saves time and money taking only the assessments you need

  • Flexible evaluation platforms - Telehealth, home based, in person options

  • Trusted results from valid/reliable tests respected in the field

  • Comprehensive reports, diagnosis and treatment plans

  • Extensive referral network - doctors, psychiatrists, OT, PT, acupuncturists, tutors, coaches, massage therapists, chiropractors and more to provide you with a variety of options and complete body based approach for treatment